Charles Dickens, Videogame Writer

For a while now I’ve been obsessed with the idea of reimagining Charles Dickens as a writer of videogames, because of his ability to compartmentalise story and produce fantastic characters and plots under tough creative contraints. So, at the M3C research festival in May, I produced the below poster.

But what’s under the postits?!

Thought it might be fun to share here.

Also, since making this I found that actually, Dickens was completely fine with Charles Lever losing him a significant amount of income, while he was incredibly snooty and supercilious with Elizabeth Gaskell, whose drop in sales was far lower. Fortunately, although this seems like it could’ve been a gender thing, it’s apparently more likely an inexperience thing, as he worked with Gaskell far earlier in his career. For more on that, read J. D. Vann’s very good article on the subject, here:

Vann, J.D., 1989. Dickens, Charles Lever and Mrs Gaskell. Victorian Periodicals Review, 22 (2), pp64-71.



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